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Adromischus, Aeonium, Plant Cuttings, Cactus & Wide Variety of Other Hard-to-find Succulents

US-Based Nursery for Cactus & Succulent Plants

Planning to decorate your home with succulent planter boxes? Grab the opportunity to adorn your dreams with some of the best ornamental succulent species from Daniel’s Specialty Nursery – one of the most reputed plant nurseries in California.

Based out of Lakeside, CA, we supply a wide array of succulents to customers throughout the United States. We have been growing our own plants for over three decades and uphold a strong reputation for quality, variety, and customer service.

What We Offer

Shop from our curated collection of easy-to-raise succulents and bring a part of nature into your home. Whether you want to upgrade the overall aesthetics of your rooms or need a backyard garden that requires minimal care and maintenance, succulents serve as the best houseplants. They are indigenous to hot and dry climates and don’t require much watering.

We specialize in all kinds of succulents and plant cuttings, ranging from the most common ornamental cacti to rare species and hard-to-find oldies.

What Sets Us Apart

Look no further than Daniel’s Specialty Nursery when you need something different. We know everything about succulents and pride ourselves on growing the healthiest plants of the highest quality.

Our plants can beautify your home, refresh your soul, and purify the air for generations. If you don’t find something you need, please get in touch with us, and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.

Daniel's Specialty Nursery
Daniel's Specialty Nursery
Daniel's Specialty Nursery