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Hylocereus ocamponis is an epiphyte from the rain forests of mexico. Prefers humid temperatures from 60 f to 120. Produces a huge nocturnal flower….At times reaching 12″ in diameter. Shown here just prior to blooming in the garden. No, i am not going out in the middle of the night in my “jammies” to photograph the flower for you. You buy the plant, and you go out in your “jammies” to see the flower…Er…Ah…Please choose your plant: about 5″ in length for $10.00, or 7″ for $11.00, or 9″ for $12.00, or 12″ for $14.00, or 15″ for $16.00, or 18″ for $19.00, or 24″ for $24.00. Also, a double-stem about 10 – 15″ for $20.00. We will add a shipping surcharge of $2.00 to the 7″ and 9″ plants, $4.00 to the 12″ and 15″ and double-stem plants, and $10.00 to the 24″ plant. The 24″ requires a box dedicated to it alone, and all other plants on the same order will ship in a different box…..Hence the extra cost.

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12", 15", 18", 24", 5", 7", 9", Double